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#1 Want to Know a Secret?

#1 Want to Know a Secret?

Author: Sue Moorcroft

This is the first title I've read from a small publisher called Choc Lit Publishing. Based on my enjoyment of this book, I look forward to the other books from this publisher. Bonus: They all have gorgeous covers even thought I can only enjoy them from my computer since I bought the books in ebook form.

When Diane Jenner's husband Gareth is badly injured in a helicopter crash, she does not expect to discover Gareth has found his long-lost father and sister or that his paternal family is immensely wealthy. The fact Gareth kept this a secret from her for years forces her to face certain truths about her husband and her marriage. Gareth grew up poor, the oldest son in a single-parent household, while Diane comes from a far more affluent family. Over the years, Gareth has come to resent the way Diane's family treated him and the final straw comes when Diane refuses to contest her father's will. The Jenner marriage manages to survive on inertia rather than love and affection.

Diane's new brother-in-law, James, is very different from her husband. James is the rock in his family, the one who keeps his wife and youngest daughter from falling apart. As James and Diane deal with the fallout from the crash and the new additions to their respective families, they find themselves attracted to each other. Diane is torn between acting on her attraction and her determination to do the right thing even if she's not sure what the right thing is.

The main reason I enjoyed this novel is the character of Diane. I found myself rooting for her to succeed in her business and find personal happiness. James is a good man who has his moments of selfishness but given the burdens of his family, I could understand why he wanted to grab his chance at happiness. Overall, this was a good, satisfying read.


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